The Constitution of: 

Alliance for Local Living 

Adopted on 9th September 2018


  1. The name of the Alliance shall be Alliance for Local Living (referred to as “ALL” or “The Alliance” in this constitution)


  1. ALL is a local group of individuals who aim to improve democracy locally, generally in keeping with the principles set out in the book ‘Flatpack Democracy’ by Peter MacFadyen, with the aim that we will enable local people to have a greater say in the decisions that affect their lives.


     ALL will hold the following core values:

  • We will each make up our own mind about each decision without reference to a shared dogma or ideology.
  • Integrity. Decisions will be made in an open and understandable manner. Information will be made available even when we make mistakes, and everyone will have the opportunity to influence decisions.
  • Positivity. We will look for solutions, involving others in the discussions, not just describe problems.
  • Creativity. Use new, or borrowed, ideas from within The Alliance and the wider community to refresh what we do and how we do it.
  • Respect. Understand that everyone has an equal voice and is worth listening to.
  • Equality. We will value diversity and seek to ensure a balance of members both in the Leadership Team and in the candidates, we select to stand for election.
  • Do No Harm. We will not make any decision that we believe will have a negative effect on our children now and for the future generations of children that follow.


ALL will adhere to these values by challenging ourselves and each other to:

  1. Avoid identifying ourselves so personally with a position that this in itself excludes constructive debate.
  2. Being prepared to be swayed by the arguments of others and admitting mistakes.
  3. Be willing and able to participate in rational debate leading to a conclusion.
  4. Understand the value of constructive debate.
  5. Accept that you win some, you lose some; it’s usually nothing personal and there’s really no point in taking defeats to heart.
  6. Maintain confidentially where requested and agree when it will be expected.
  7. Share leadership and responsibility and take time to communicate the intention of, and the approach to, the work we undertake.
  8. Have confidence in, and adhere to, the mechanisms and processes of decision-making that we establish, accepting that the decisions of the majority are paramount.
  9. Sustain an intention to involve each other and others rather than working in isolation.
  10. Trust and have confidence and optimism in other people’s expertise, knowledge and intentions. Talk to each other not about each other.


  1. The minimum number of members of ALL shall be two.
  2. The Founding Members of ALL shall be Felicity Rice and Michael John Hancock.
  3. Any individual who shares the aims and objectives as set out above may join ALL.
  4. ALL shall support its members by ensuring that meetings are accessible and encourage participation.
  5. Signed up members will receive updates on activities and campaigns.


  1. All members will be invited to Steering Group meetings, of which there will be a minimum of 4 per year.
  2. Each meeting of the Steering Group will be organised by one member who will find a location, make

sure an agenda is issued to all members and that notes of the meeting are recorded and produced.

  1. Members present at Steering Group meetings shall have the powers to select members to serve as a Leadership Team who will be responsible for the day to day operation of ALL.
  2. Members present at Steering Group meetings will have the powers to change this constitution so long as a majority of 2/3rds of members present agree to the changes.



  1. The Leadership Team will consist of a minimum of two members.
  2. The Founding Members of ALL (Felicity Rice and Michael John Hancock) shall serve as the Leadership Team until such time as a Steering Group meeting determines otherwise.


  1. 8. ALL will have a bank account. Two members of the Leadership Team will be approved as authorised signatories, to conduct transactions on the bank account on behalf of ALL.


  1. In the event of ALL ceasing to have two members, or a decision is made to dissolve ALL at a Steering Group meeting with a majority of 2/3rds of members present ALL will be dissolved. Any residual funds will be passed on to another organisation that shares similar aims and values at the discretion of the Leadership Team.


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