"I decided to stand as a candidate in order to become the kind of councillor we might want to see in the Council. Someone who acts as a facilitator of community, encourages good ideas and takes an active role in ensuring they get the support they deserve and need."


As a local father with a creative and entrepreneurial background I have often been frustrated at how simple ideas and solutions from local people who love their neighbourhoods are ignored and not supported.

I have lived in Parkstone for 18 years after studying Film and TV at Arts University Bournemouth. I love Parkstone where I have raised my two children, who still go to school here.

Having witnessed several council meetings over the last 12 months I am appalled at the quality of debate, a decision-making process that is over 150 years old and party politics. I can no longer be a “Silent Witness”!

For me the absence of a vibrant Neighbourhood Forum in Parkstone is a fundamental opportunity for change. We can listen to residents, get more people involved and come up with solutions to local problems with local people. Now with the merger with Bournemouth and Christchurch, there is a significant risk of the new council becoming even less connected with the residents and businesses of Parkstone.  As your councillor it will be my job to ensure your voice is listened too and to facilitate change.


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2 years ago
Climate Cafe Parkstone

Climate Cafes are a cafe styled event hosted by a cafe for people looking to take action on climate change for themselves. A Place to discuss, explore and find out how to make better choices.

2 years ago
Community Shakeup for Homelessness

Today is World Homeless Day! BCP Council launched The Homelessness Reduction Board and Kieron Wilson said: “I welcome the enhanced collaboration that this strategic new initiative will bring,” ... See more

3 years ago

Could Parkstone signup to the Charter for Compassion?

AFFIRM the Charter today: http://charterforcompassion.org Video Produced by: Captain & The Fox (captainandthefox.com) in partnership with WORKSHOP (workshopl...

3 years ago

3 years ago

Congratulations to Steve Baron and Ann Stribley for being elected for Parkstone Ward. A clear indication of how Independents are making it possible for change. It’s been a great experience and the ... See more

3 years ago

Lovely message from a voter who took the time to send me a message:

Hi Michael, great to meet you earlier. Just to let you know me and my other half voted for you. It’s very refreshing to hear a ... See more

3 years ago

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